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Welcome to the Academy that caters to
"the FAMILY"!!

& PARENTS train FREE!!

Because families who kick together, stick together!!

Martial Arts Training Alliance has brought quality Self Defense and Combat Sports to the Long Beach/Lakewood/Cerritos areas for over 20 years.

Our experienced team of Black Belt Instructors can bring to you their vast knowledge in both the Striking and Grappling arts.

Students ranging in age from 3-70 have enjoyed the many benefits of training with Martial Arts Training Alliance .

Benefits included are weight loss, discipline, self confidence, focus, stress relief, and an overall piece of mind that comes from knowing that you will be able to protect yourself, and loved ones from harm.

Let us show you how the magic of the martial arts can significantly improve the quality of your or your child’s life.


Enrolling is as easy as calling or stopping by to setup a free trial lesson in etiher our Kempo Karate or Mix Martial Arts class!

                                      March 28, 2015 - Belt Test
                                                 2:30 PM - Kids
                                                  3:30 PM - Adults

4184 Woodruff Ave, Lakewood, CA 90713

(562) 425-9945

Sensei Vince Velez