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Kempo Karate

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Kempo Karate is a combative form of Martial Arts. Evolving from Japanese martial art and other martial arts such as Southern Chinese Kung Fu, Kempo focuses in the striking and grappling arts. As an effective self-defense system, it utilizes quick-gun fire like blows of aggressive punches, strikes, kicks and throws to defeat an opponent.

Greatness in Kempo lies in the mastery of the three major aspects of this art – the forms, self-defense techniques and sparring. Students learn self defense techniques by studying forms and katas. The forms and katas equip the students with the essential attack-defend strategy, key to a focused and disciplined mind. As students practice these techniques, they acquire self-control and defense skills distinct to their own style. Challenging their skills is conducted through sparring classes, where they get to apply their self-acquired techniques in a fun, light-contact combat against their classmates where every participant is required to wear protective gears to prevent any serious injuries. Sparring classes increase self-confidence and discipline; boost stamina and strength maintain balance and acumen of techniques. Expanding self-defense techniques in Kempo is achieved through the use of weapons.

Kempo although viewed as a self-defense art also includes weight loss, discipline, self-confidence, focus, stress relief and an overall peace of mind as its benefits. Ultimately it has become an instrument for improving an individual’s quality of life.

Adult Requirements
Kids Requirements

Test Dates

January 25, 2014
March 1, 2014 - for the month of February
March 30, 2014
April 12, 2014 - Kids Adv. Belt Test

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