1.) Do not disrupt the flow of a class by interrupting the instructor with questions.
(This applies to Group and Private Lessons.)

You may request to work on a specific technique, or ask a question in a written note given to the instructor prior to your class. Your request will be considered, and time permitting, the instructor will make every effort to accommodate you. In the early stages of training, too many questions during class will cause unnecessary delays, disrupt the flow of the learning process and ultimately confuse you.

2.) A dirty, wrinkled uniform reflects badly on you as a student.
Always wear a clean, pressed Gi to class.Your Gi should have no rips, holes, or shredding.

3.) No sparring is allowed in the Dojo unless closely supervised by an instructor.

4.) Always refer to your instructor as Sensei or Sir/Ma'am.

5.) All beginning students MUST wear an all-white Karate uniform (Gi). When a student reaches Purple Belt, he or she may wear an all-black uniform.
The school logo patch is always worn over the heart, and must be on all uniforms.

6.) Students must be in a full uniform when testing. You may wear a t-shirt under your Gi. However, a School T-Shirt alone is NOT considered a full uniform.

7.) Students must not ask about their next rank test date.
This shows a lack of patience, humility and disrespect for your instructor's professional judgement. When your instructor feels you are ready to test for a higher belt, he or she will let you know.

8.) Control your emotions at all times
The Dojo is no place for tempers to flare.

9.) Possession of Drugs or Alcohol in the Studio by students is grounds for immediate dismissal.

10.) Support your Dojo.
Always purchase your martial arts supplies, uniforms and training equipment from your instructor. Our vendors can offer you considerable savings when you order through your instructor. Also, by keeping the business in the family, you help keep your tuition at its current rate.

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